Sunday, 31 March 2013

Almond cupcakes with almond frosting

I don't know why I thought of making almond cupcakes, but I was about to go to sleep one night, and different flavour cupcakes was going through my mind. When I thought of almond cupcakes, it sounded like a good idea - so here I am making them lol

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sweet & sour chicken

My colleague at work was saying how she was going out for Chinese in the evening, so I asked her what her favourite Chinese meal is...and she said sweet and sour prawns. Sooo I thought hmmm, seeing as I love chicken, why not try and make sweet and sour chicken from the comfort of my own home! Here it goes..

Monday, 25 March 2013

Saffron rice with marinated spicy chicken

This is a lovely meal which isn't difficult to make. My dad wanted the chicken to be spicy, so when marinating it I made it more spicy than I would have normally. I actually made up the marinate in a happy go-lucky manner, but the result was delicious mashAllah, so here it goes...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

English muffin and egg breakfast

This is a deliciousssss quick breakfast, told to me by my dear friend. At first, the sound of ketchup with eggs sounds rather odd, but when you try it you will love it. You can vary the way you make your scrambled eggs, below is just the simple version of scrambled eggs I made to go with the muffins.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Pineapple upside down cake

I bought a can of pineapple rings ages ago, yet never got round to making it. So today I thought I will make it for guests and hope for the best!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Healthier sticky chicken wings

I had a recipe request for a healthy yet easy chicken wing recipe. Sticky chicken wings always seemed appealing, so this recipe makes it healthier by avoiding the frying bit - rather you cook it in the oven. I don't like eating skin of the chicken, so I wanted to remove the skin from the chicken wings, yet the butcher said that is pretty difficult - so I left it on. However, I cut off excess skin and cleaned up the wings at home before use.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brie and cranberry rolls

I had phyllo pastry remaining from yesterdays baklawa recipe, and I also had bought brie cheese a while back, which was going to go off, so this is how brie and cranberry rolls came in existence... :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pistachio baklawa

I have been meaning to make baklawa for soooo long, so this is well over due! I always knew it was not a difficult recipe, yet I learnt from this attempt at baklawa, and I will share with you tips to ensure you perfect it when you make it. This version has a slight Moroccan twist to it, as you can tell from the syrup added at the end.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ruz ala dajaj (Lebanese rice)

This has been requested for a long time by friends, as my mum makes it absolutely delicious! This Lebanese rice dish is super simple, yet tastes delicious. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Decorated madeira cake

Madeira cake is a good type of cake to make if you want something strong, that will not crumble if you carve it or decorate it. This is the reason I chose to make a madeira cake, as I made one square base, and I wanted to carve another cake into a heart shape to place on top. I have placed the recipe for the madeira cake below (not what was used for decoration, as this will vary depending on what you want - although feel free to ask if you are interested). I have also written the recipe to make one small madeira cake (18cm cake tin)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice

I had a recipe request for jerk chicken, so here I am fulfilling this request :) To make the marinate is super easy, preparing it the night before means you have dinner almost ready for you the following day. I enjoyed making this because it's lovely exploring different cuisines, and here we are getting a taste of Jamaica :D

Friday, 8 March 2013

Shish Tawouk (Lebanese chicken skewers) + garlic paste

Shish tawouk can be found in many Lebanese fast food restaurants, as it makes a delicious, filling sandwich, and once you have the chicken marinated, it is super quick to prepare. I have also shown how to make the garlic paste that goes beautifully with the shish tawouk chicken.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Molten lava cake

I have been wanting to make this for so long, as the recipe looks so easy, all you need are the ramekins, which I finally bought today! First attempt at this, so here it goes..

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Broccoli and courgette pasta bake

I had a few vegetables I needed to use up, and I needed to make something that doesn't take too long to cook, so I thought a pasta bake would be perfect for this. You can adjust the vegetables according to what you have on hand, I have listed what I used only because these vegetables were in my fridge :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Treedat al humus - تريدة الحمص

This is a lovely Lebanese starter, it reminds me of Ramadan, and I absolutely LOVE IT!! It is so simple and easy to make, and tastes absolutely delicious.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Musakhan (sumac chicken) rolls

Musakhan is a traditional Palestinian food, made with sumac (a tangy spice). I once tasted musakhan as a sandwich at a friends house, and I absolutely loved it! So ever since I really wanted to make it myself. I tasted it in pitta bread, but my friend recommended to make it in tortilla here it goes...

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Low fat sponge cake

I got a request to make a healthy cake, which is fair enough! :) This sponge cake is low in fat, low in calories, made with hot skimmed milk. Lovely cake, which you can enjoy guilt free.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Batata harra - بطاطا حرة

Batata harra is a Lebanese starter, comprising of fried potatoes, with a lovely kick from garlic and coriander. It is very simple to make, and tastes superb!