Saturday, 12 October 2013

Yummy puffies

If you want a quick yet delicious starter/side, this is perfect! I thought of it a long time ago but only today got round to trying it out. You can add anything inside, whatever tickles your taste buds. I made it a pizza filling, as shown below, but you can substitute to whatever you like:

  • Skill level: super easy
  • Makes: 12-15 puffies
  • Prep time: 5 mins
  • Cooking time: 11-12 mins
What you will need:

1 roll puff pastry
tomato puree
cheddar cheese
za'tar (thyme)
sesame seeds

How to make:

1) Cut the pastry into triangular shapes, then place the chosen filling inside. I added a small amount of tomato puree, cheddar cheese, half an olive and a sprinkle of za'tar

2) Roll the triangle shape starting from the base of the triangle. Brush with milk and a sprinkle of sesame seeds

3) Place onto a baking sheet, and into a hot oven for 11-12 mins

Inside the yummy puffy

It is as easy as that! My family loved it, it tastes like a miniature pizza whilst it melts in your mouth! Enjoy :)


  1. Wats comin up for eid?

  2. Hmm... This dish looks familiar

    1. What was the stuffing in the one you saw?

  3. yalla sis ta3e fta7e mat3am w nazzle kteb in Lebanon :P badal ma UK ekhde menna hal fortune :D Allah yhmiki mashallah.. yaret 3ande wa2et jarrib hal aklet :(

    1. Haha! JazakAllah khair. Laazim itjarib wa law kam wasfi inshAllah, wa akeed inta bitseer ibti2dar tifta7 mat3am :)