Friday, 25 March 2016

nosaibasfood on TV!

A series of nosaibasfood recipes were filmed for the show Sisters' Hour on BritishMuslimTV, with a Lebanese food theme.

The recipes filmed included fool, tabooli, Lebanese chicken soup, basboosa and sfoof.

All the details of ingredients and recipes can be found right here - if you type the name of the dish in the search bar,

Check the link: to watch the video of one of the dishes filmed, tabooli, on my youtube channel. 

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The rest of the recipes filmed for BritishMuslimTV can be watched on Sky channel 845 - the schedule for their airing is shown below:
Thank you for all the support everyone has shown me, and I hope this comes as a great benefit and exciting new adventure for us all :)


  1. Ma sha Allah tabarak Allah sis well done :) was that you cooking btw? I think i seen Nosaiba written on the apron? Lol

    1. Lol yes, that is me cooking. Very well spotted mashAllah...I went back to watch the video to notice it :D