Sunday, 11 September 2016

Maamoul madd bil tamar - Lebanese semolina dessert with dates - معمول مد بالتمر

Maamoul is a traditional Lebanese sweet, served all year round - but especially popular at Eid. i have previously made pistachio and walnut maamoul:

but this one is easier, it uses dates and you place it in a tray, making it quite simple.

  • Skill level: Easy
  • Serves: 12 people
  • Preparation time: 3 hours
  • Baking time: 20 mins
What you will need:

For the maamoul

2 cups coarse semolina
1 cup fine semolina
1/2 cup caster sugar
50g ghee, melted
50g butter, melted
1 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp mahlab powder
3 tbsp rose water (replace with water if you do not like this)
3 tbsp orange blossom water (replace with water if you do not like this)

For the date filling

4 tbsp butter
1kg dates, with stones removed
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp rose water (replace with water if you do not like this)

How to make:

1) In a bowl, add the coarse semolina, fine semolina and sugar. Mix well

2) Add the melted ghee and butter to the bowl, and mix with your fingers

3) Add the yeast, mahlab, rose water and orange blossom water and mix with your fingers until it comes together

4) Cover and leave in a warm place for around 3 hours

5) Meanwhile, make the date filling by melting the butter in a pot over medium heat. Add the dates, cinnamon and rose water and keep mixing until the dates soften (can take around 10 mins). Remove into a bowl and set aside to cool

6) Once ready to assemble, rub butter onto a deep oven tray. Divide the maamoul mixture in half, and use first half to spread on the tray. Push down to ensure the mixture is well compressed and keep it as uniform as possible

7) Spread the date filling over this layer, also pressing down and keeping it as uniform as possible

8) Spread the other half of the maamoul mixture on top, pressing down to compress the mixture and keeping it uniform and as equal as possible

9) Cut the maamoul in the desired shape and size, place into a hot oven at 200 degrees for 20 mins or until lightly golden/brown. Remove and allow to cool, before cutting and serving

Fresh out of the oven

An absolute treat for Eid, nice and easy - and super delicious! Enjoy - and Eid Mubarak :)

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