Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Malaysia trip 2017!

So yes, I have disappeared for a while...this time with a legitimate excuse! Alhamdulilah I spent two weeks with the amazing Anse Tamara Gray in Malaysia, helping establish a much needed organisation which helps empower women by women. It was all about promoting positive cultural change, and helping to revive the female voice in scholarship (visit: www.rabata.org).

So besides the uplifting and life changing experience in the beautiful land of Malaysia, as well as the amazing hearts you find amongst the people, the food is just incredible! Below are a few of the foods on what felt like a trip that could have lasted even longer!

Day 1:

Deep fried egg with chilli sauce for breakfast! As strange as that may sound, it was pretty delicious! Especially when you eat it with a refreshing cucumber, with a side of coconut rice and boiled egg!

Lunch consisted of a trip to a buffet restaurant, Rebung, run by the famous Chef Ismail. When you see the restaurant full of locals, you can tell the food is very authentic. When we first walked in, we thought it was an all female restaurant, as the place was full of ladies, only to realise it is Friday prayers and the men are busy at the mosque whilst the ladies enjoy their extra long lunch break! :D

I have to say, I really was adventurous in the meals I tried out here - some may say a little too adventurous (snails being one of them!). This is the only place where some things I found hard to swallow, yet every other food from this day onwards was super yummy!

Eeeeeeek! I actually tried it!

Day 2:

After a conference at the beautiful Masjid Wilayah, we were invited for a VIP lunch. Here we tried fried chicken, which didn't taste like your ordinary fried chicken! There was biryani on the menu, but yet again - not your average biryani, as well as the meat and fish curry. I really was impressed, and I think it was safe to say that so was everyone else on this trip.

Took a picture before the entire tray was full...too keen! :)

Later that evening we were invited to the home of one of the amazing organisers of the trip for dinner....and oh my!!! The food was cooked with so much love, you could taste it with every spoonful! Till now we all talk about how delicious the soto soup was, made with freshly ground spices! It was here I tasted my first satay with peanut sauce, and ahhhh is all I can say! So addictive, it is actually hard to resist eating the whole bunch of skewers.

Day 3:

We were invited for brunch at another one of the homes of the amazing organisers. Here we were introduced to the oh so yummy nasi lemak, a traditional Malay dish made from coconut rice, served with sambal (a hot sauce), fried crispy anchovies, toasted peanuts and cucumber. Interestingly, this is served usually as a breakfast! We also had roti canai, an Indian influenced dish which is light yet so delicious and full of flavour! It is basically roti served with runny dhal. I found this a winner!

A little bit of everything on a plate harmed nobody! :)

Close up of that yummy satay with peanut sauce - chicken and meat skewers.

Day 4:

After a beautiful visit to the Yayasan restu Quran and Islamic art centre, and benefitting from the talk on 'building Prophetic Families' by Anse Tamara, we were kindly served lunch there. Yet again, that ayam berempah fried chicken was the best in flavour! The fish curry was not fishy at all, it was light yet full of flavour.

Day 5:

After a talk on balancing deen and dunya: modelling the Prophetic ﷺ Community at University Malaya, lunch was kindly served by the organisers for the great speaker, Anse Tamara and her large entourage, which included me :D. The soup was so simple, yet just fantastic in the depth of flavour, mashAllah. Here we tried nasi ayam (chicken rice), oh dear oh dear - I need to look for more adjectives to describe the sensational taste of these foods!

Later that evening we were invited to Taman Batu Chinese restaurant, whereby we took part in the prosperity toss, or as they call it, yee sang. Every single dish presented was spectacular in taste, from the lemon chicken, to the glazed tofu or the whole fish! I honestly enjoyed every single dish.

Before all the fun begins...

Over enjoying the yee sang tradition! :D

The desserts were also something else! Oh my - mashAllah! 

Day 6:

Off we flew to a day trip to Singapore, jam packed with visiting inspiring organisations after another. SubhanAllah - everything that happened in Singapore was just life changing!

Day 7:

We enjoyed a traditional Singaporean breakfast at the airport on our way back to Malaysia, kaya jam and toast with soft cooked eggs. If only toast in the U.K. could be this tasty! So good, you could eat 10 portions of this! Ok, maybe not 10 - 9 maybe :P 

In the evening, back in Malaysia, we were invited for dinner at one of the organisers home, whereby we enjoyed that mouth watering soto soup, as well as a Malaysian style meat stew, my favourite satay with peanut sauce, and just an array of absolutely delicious food!!! 

Dessert - so refreshing!
Day 8:

This day was what we called a 'free day', whereby no event or talk was scheduled. It was on this day I tried the halal Malaysian McDonalds...and trust me, compared to the flavourful fresh food we were eating, no big mac could even come close! 

Day 9:

Early morning we were taken to 'original kayu nasi bandar' - a authentic restaurant that is famous for its amazing roti canai. I have to say, this breakfast was just superb! The roti is light, soft and delicious, and dipping it into the runny dhal is just the perfect combination. We also got the shock of our lives with huge tissue bread, that looks like a massive tower, yet it is actually so delicate and breaks at the slightest touch. To accompany any meal, the perfect teh tarik was served - which in my opinion is the best tea I have ever tasted! Teh tarik all the way - I wish it could be something available worldwide!!

The sun hadn't even risen when we came here! :D

Yummy teh tarik

Oh you perfect roti!!
A match made in Heaven! :D
Tissue bread!!!

Up close and personal
Later on that day, after a talk on 'exercises for a happy heart' - we were invited for lunch at an Indian restaurant. I love indian food - even if it happens to be in Malaysia!

The view of the plate before it was gobbled up!

Day 10:

Today was a full day - workshop on how to have success - Falah! In the evening we headed to 'cinnamon' - a buffet restaurant full of all types of cuisines. You can tell from my plates I am open to trying everything, and I enjoyed every single item I picked to try.

The seafood side of my plate

Round 2 had to include the amazing satay!

The desserts to share amongst us..
Day 11:

Off we went to Tanjong Jara, enjoying the combination of the sea and remembrance of Allah. Dinner was absolutely spectacular, mashAllah. With an array of items ordered, we got to enjoy a bit of everything.

Day 12:

Breakfast was just delicious, yet again - all the good stuff good ordered and everyone tried everything. Nasi lemak was on the menu, as well as nasi dagang, which I loved even more! Nasi dagang was based on rice cooked in coconut milk, alongside a fish curry and all the extras. 

For dinner, we had what is called a 'steamboat', which is basically a bubbling hot pot, with ingredients being added and cooked at the table. My favourite is the tom yum soup in comparison to the clear broth soup. 

Oh hello fancy napkin thingy...

The hot pot ... under bad lighting

Mid action...

If only food can be tasted as well as looked at...

Honeydew and sago dessert! Yum!
Day 13:

I finally managed to get the courage to ask if I could watch the teh tarik be made at breakfast, and they happily said yes...

So perfectly bubbly! I think I had three cups that morning!
Day 14:

Off we headed back to the airport for a 14 hour flight, leaving behind the amazing people, the generous hearts and the best food!

And so, here I am, thinking back to the amazing flavours of Malaysia. Yes this is only snippets of the delicious food - and it does not do it justice, but it gives you an idea. I hope to be able to make some of the tasty Malaysian dishes - so watch this space!

Do share if you have been to Malaysia, and what your experience was like, especially with the food. Enjoy :)


  1. Really enjoyed reading this- felt like I was right there with you :)

    1. I am really glad ... I wish you were with me for real though :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Nosaiba! The food looks amazing- i've always loved malaysian food! I'm so glad you got to experience this :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! It was a pleasure sharing some of the good Malaysian food. It really is something everyone should try - one of the best foods in my opinion :)

  3. I am so lucky to be resident in Malaysia ����

    1. You are lucky really - best of both worlds - Syrian food and Malaysian food! MashAllah MashAllah! :D