Friday, 26 May 2017

Ramadan Recipe Ideas

Ramadan Mubarak to you all! 

It is the blessed month of Ramadan, alhamdulilah for being gifted this great blessing! 

Below is a list of recipe ideas to help you think of what to make during this holy month, something quite easy 
(to reserve your energy) and not so time consuming (to utilise your time for other things). 


Thin, light pancakes:

Humus msabah (Lebanese chickpea breakfast):

Scrambled eggs:

Batata wa baad (potato and egg breakfast):

Adas mtabal (green lentil breakfast):

English muffin and egg breakfast:

Fool (broad bean and chickpea breakfast):

Pizza in a pitta:

Lahmee bil khubuz (meat on a bread):


Tamarind marinated chicken:

Maghmour (Lebanese aubergines in a tangy tomato sauce):

Karahi gosht (lamb curry) - using less oil:

Marinated grilled chicken cubes:

Chicken thigh curry:

Vegetables in tomato sauce with tandoori spiced chicken:

Chicken and potatoes - with cashews and raisins:

Tagliatelle pasta in spicy tomato sauce with spinach:

Lamb chop curry:

Meat kebabs in tangy tomato sauce:

Honey glazed spicy chicken burger:

Chicken karahi:

Wholemeal spaghetti in a courgette and chickpea tomato sauce:

Chicken bhuna with red peppers:

Gnocchi in a creamy tomato sauce:

Sweet yet spicy chicken over flavoured rice:

Fresh sheet lasagna:

Chicken and tomato tangy sauce:

Chicken and tomato tagliatelle pasta:

One pot tangy lamb chops:

The collection of chicken over saffron rice recipes:

Meatballs and spaghetti:

Lamb bhuna:

Juicy beef burger:

Yakhnit al batata (Lebanese potato stew):

Prawn saag (prawn and spinach curry):

Ruz ala dajaj (Lebanese rice):

Treedat al humus:

Macaroni cheese:

Macaroni cheese:

Chicken curry:

Chicken korma (healthier version):

Chicken & broccoli pasta with bechamel sauce:

Chicken maqlooba:


You can always browse through all the other recipes on the blog and pick your choice!

I love hearing and seeing how your attempts go - so do leave a comment or send me your food pics to

Ramadan Mubarak and enjoy :)


  1. Your blog makes me hungry wooman ����

    1. Lol thank you. Honestly ... it sometimes makes me hungry too 😄.

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