Sunday, 3 September 2017

America & Canada Trip 2017!

It has a been a busy yet blessed summer alhamdulilah. Spent a week in America, on the Ribaat Raise me up retreat. It was amazing in every way! Highly recommend you look out for next years retreat! The following week was the Growing Hope tour, going from different States in America, then over to Canada, spreading joy, hope and love to all. The best part of the tour was accompanying the amazing Anse Tamara Gray, who is such a blessing to have in our time, alhamdulilah.

You may remember my post of the array of food from the trip to Malaysia in January, America didn't do too bad for it's food. Not sure it would be fair to compare it to Malaysia, but one thing you will for sure notice in America...the PORTION SIZE! If it is your first visit, start by ordering a plate to share between two, maybe even three! See for yourself, then order accordingly! Below I have shared a few foods during my trip to America and Canada.

First stop Minnesota, where we ate at a Thai place. Good yummy start, slowly reeling us into what food is to come:

We then went to a Famous ice cream shop visited by Barack Obama. We ordered child size ice cream cone, the smallest size they had...yes...the smallest size. See for yourself! It was super yummmmmmy, even if it was huge...

You can't visit America without eating breakfast at Perkins. Some American's might laugh at you, but you do feel you are in a cosey diner place, out of some movie, enjoying huge sizes of food!

This is one person portion. Yes, I might mention the portion size over and over again, but it took me the entire two weeks to register how big it was, and even then I was still like OMG! lol. You get a three egg omelette, with a side of hash browns and three pancakes! 😀

We also visited Minnehaha regional park, yes it is called that, they aren't just laughing at you! Haha! :P This place was perfect for sea food:

Somehow Arab food followed us to America, where I ordered spicy chicken. And they weren't kidding when they said it was spicy!

The bonfire night at the retreat meant I got to try smores!!! Best thing ever!!! If you haven't tried it, I sure hope you do!

One of the places you definitely want to go to is the original pancake house for breakfast. We went so early, I think it was just after sunrise!

 They serve the coffee before the breakfast is out. 

You definitely want to give the peach pancakes a try! Oh so yummy!

And yes, this is a one person omelette...

We learnt that an extra crispy hash brown is the way to go! Highly recommend you get it like this, super yummy! Forget any hash brown you have tried in the UK!

Next to a regular meet up spot, the Daybreak bookshop is Afro Deli, a delicious Halal Somali place, with sweet potato fries you can't resist!

America is also good for its weird and wonderful flavours. One of which is the red velvet oreo, they also had many other flavours like birthday cake oreo! Definitely something we are missing out on in the UK.

Wisconsin is famousssss for its Cheese curds! Oh my! Eat them as they are or fried, you will love them!

One cool place we stopped at during our tour through Milwaukee is the Mad Rooster Cafe, which had super yummy food to enjoy at breakfast.

In Chicago we had Bean pie, which is deemed a 'Muslim' pie. Not a great pic, but the taste was so good!

And of course, whilst in Chicago, you need to taste the Chicago style pizza!

Have you had enough breakfast pictures?

When we arrived in Canada, Tim Hortons was awaiting our arrival (not literally!). They hype of Tim Hortons is no joke, it really is sooo good! Both coffee and donuts were so yum!

At Niagara Falls we ate at the secret garden restaurant. 

We stopped on our way through Wisconsin, where onion fries are just soo yum!

And fried cheese curds!!! 

With a carrot cheesecake!

We found ourselves back at Perkins as our last stop before heading back to the UK:

French toast was something extra special...

I could only capture a few of the amazing dishes during this trip! A big thank you to all those who took us round and made so much effort! I would love to hear what is your favourite dish and what you would highly recommend I try when I am next in America inshAllah 😊😊😊.


  1. Thank u for sharing! Can't wait for next year
    We need to try somali food! Soooo yummm

    1. Thank you for making it beautiful. Yess would love to try some authentic Somali food inshAllah! :)

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